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lumbering along since 1910

City Lumber & Coal Yard is a 4th generation business. We are here to help with all of your construction, carpentry, and household repair projects. We have all kinds of concrete products to help you do the job yourself whether you are pouring a cement foundation, building a patio, or fixing a concrete floor, we can point you towards everything you will need.  


At our store you can expect to get help from our friendly and knowledgeable team who will direct you towards all the item you need for your desired project. Don't have time to come to the store? We deliver in town and surounding area.

Build a strong foundation with concrete products

Find the building blocks for all your projects

Call us to get a FREE estimate for your building materials like concrete, lumber and plywood


  • Concrete Blocks

  • Concrete Mix

  • Mortar Mix

  • Portland Cement

  • Bulk & Bag Sand

  • Bulk Rock Products

  • Retaining Wall Blocks

  • Foundation Blocks

  • Patio blocks

  • Rebar, Forms, & Snapties

  • Sonotube

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