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Hello World!!

By guest, Sep 3 2015 10:12PM

This is the first post in your new blog. We've been lumbering along since 1910 and have everything for the builder. Just contact us if you have any questions or comments. Thank you and have a good day!

May 7 2016 05:09PM by Bob Rooks

At some point back in the '50's City Lumber & Coal owned a 1950 Ford F-6 COE truck with a Willard 3-1/2 yard cement mixer on it. Apparently it had been abandoned for awhile and then purchased by a re-seller. I now own the truck, and have been doing restoration work on it. I would like to know any history related to the truck.

Thank you

Jun 23 2018 01:35AM by Bob Rooks

Well, you must be extremely busy or extremely inattentive. I'll speculate it's the latter. Maybe if I called you .............. ?

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